Affordable, chef-inspired, locally sourced, Michigan-made, name brand. The always-fresh selections available at Market Twenty 4 Seven are regularly rotated providing employees with exciting, ever-changing variety.

  • Cool off or perk up with refreshing beverages.

  • Healthy, delicious, good-for-you snacks are featured at Market Twenty 4 Seven.

  • Salsa and chips, anyone? It’s available at Market Twenty 4 Seven.

  • Authentic dips and pita points, made exclusively for Market Twenty 4 Seven by Beirut Bakery.

  • No reason to skip breakfast when you can grab a yogurt parfait.

  • Ham and cheese on an onion roll, another great sandwich that rotates through our bi-weekly menu.

  • Club sandwich, fresh and tasty, at Market Twenty 4 Seven.

  • Hand-tossed, crispy, delicious entrée salads – it’s what’s for lunch!

  • Tabbouleh? Um, yeah! We have it, and it’s made locally too!

  • Classic ham & cheese, on homemade Proof Baking Co. bread: Yes, please!

  • Summery snacks, year-round, including seasonal fresh fruit salads.

  • Convenient, easy-to-shop layout featuring a variety of great options.

  • Wake up with steamy hot coffee.

  • There’s even juicy in-season whole fruit to munch on!

  • Break through the afternoon wall with a healthy snack like hummus and pretzels.

  • On-the-go snacking with healthy, delicious trail mixes and assorted nuts.

  • Pretzels and crackers and crunchy snacks! Oh my!

  • Fattoush craving? We’ve got you covered!

  • Berrilicious grab and go snacks at Market Twenty 4 Seven.

  • Snag a snack like garlic hummus with pretzels.

  • Icy cold spring water to quench your thirst.

  • Well-lit, easy-to-see fresh food and beverage coolers are loaded with tickle-your-taste buds options.

  • Handmade cookies and hot coffee, the perfect afternoon snack.

  • Sandwich in hand, back to your desk in a flash and ready to rock the rest of the day.

  • Easy-to-grab trail mix and other better-for-you snacks are featured here.

  • Fully stocked and inviting, Market Twenty 4 Seven offers a wide range of healthy options.

  • Nothing beats sliced roast beef on fresh, delicious, homemade bread.

  • Seasonal fresh fruit makes its way into grab-and-go snacks at Market Twenty 4 Seven.

  • DIY Starbucks? Oh yeah!

  • Honest T, Snapple, Dole juices – just a taste of the refreshing beverages we offer.

  • Handcrafted hummus and pita points from Beirut Bakery for lunch or snacks.

  • Feeling like tuna? Well, you don’t look like one! (Just kidding!)

  • Fresh sandwiches, available every day at Market Twenty 4 Seven.

  • In the mood for Mediterranean food? It’s available at Market Twenty 4 Seven!

  • Snack attack? Yeah, we’ve got what you crave!

  • Tasty turkey sandwiches on handcrafted Proof Baking Co. bread: Yum!